Predator X Firm Ground (White Yellow Black)

Predator X Firm Ground (White Yellow Black)
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Facts and Review...

The tenth generation Predator from Adidas has done it again. One of the most successful and innovative shoes to ever hit the market, and that was all the way back in '94. Nowadays, Craig Johnston's original design is taken to its logical conclusion (although not its final incarnation) in the Predator X.

Not just a yearly tweak or a small adjustment, this is a stem to stern rebuild and it shows. With the new Powerspine technology expect a harder, straighter shot. And of course, the Predator applique is even wider and provides a terrific touch and feel. The applique is meant to cause more friction on the ball when it's struck, providing swerve and power.

The Ult-K upper is more durable than ever, and fits like a glove, just like a good boot should. With a fit that more closely mirrors the shape of an actual foot, the Pred X is far more comfortable and has the softest break-in on a Predator yet.

For the more price-conscious customer, check out the Predator's take-down brethren, the Abolsion and Absolado , upgraded vastly this year to more accurately mimic the top-of-the-line Predator.