Predator X Women's (Silver/Brown)

Predator X Women's (Silver/Brown)
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Facts and Review...

Just like their brethren in the men's line, the Women's Predator X's are of a quality that they have never seen before. The Powerspine technology is a revolutionary design meant to drive the ball with more force than ever. The Ult-K design is comfortable and durable, and the Predator Applique is more prevalent than ever.

With excellent touch, swerve, control, and feel the Predator X lives up to the expectations more than any of the previous incarnations of this innovative boot.

But let's talk seriously about the most impressive factor in these shoes. The Kangaroo upper and slipper fit on these boots is simply awesome. The most comfortable the shoe has ever been, and by a lot. The ninth generation Predators didn't feature the comfort of the tenth, and as a result, we've seen more and more people who've never worn a Predator start trying them on an inevitably taking them home.

If you haven't tried Preds before, this is the best model to start, and if you wear them now, check in and take another look, we have a feeling you'll be more impressed than ever.