Samba Millennium Kid's (Black/White) Size 1
Samba Millennium Kid's (Black/White) Size 1
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Facts and Review...

One of the very few shoes in the soccer world that hasn't changed since its release. The Samba Millennium was released back in 2000 as a fresh new look at the Samba.

The Samba has driven Adidas' soccer flat sales for three decades, and the Millennium has really helped that dominance continue. The price for this shoe is absolutely in keeping with the quality Adidas has put into it. It fits a lot of young feet, and it fits very true to size as well.

With a leather and suede upper and the gum sole, it's perfect for indoor play, and it's the first of its kind to sport a supportive midsole. The midsole is one of the best features of the Millennium versus the Samba Classic. With young feet, a supportive midsole tends to disperse weight better and keep growth on pace with the rest of the lower body, preventing long terms injuries to the feet and legs.