F50 adiZero (Warning Black White)

F50 adiZero (Warning Black White)
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Facts and Review...

Adidas has truly outdone itself once again. Some say that progress has stalled in the world of soccer footwear, and those people are just plain wrong. This shoe is remarkable in absolutely every single way.

It fits almost any foot, wide or narrow. The material is a huge upgrade on Adidas' former incarnation of the Sprint Skin, and incredibly light. The TPU frame on the upper is sturdy and especially comfortable. The outsole is direct-injected and durable as can be. The hollow studs are lightweight but tough, and their triangular shape provides for great release out of the turf.

While this is obviously a rudimentary look at this unique shoe, feel free to tell us what you think of it at its very own forum page. Questions about the shoe are also welcome over there. One thing about working in the industry for twenty years is that we know as much as there is to know, so ask away!