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Advance Predator Design
Advance Predator Design
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Facts and Review...

Just one year after the launch of the adiPower comes Adidas' newest offering in their iconic Predator line. As we all know, Adias has a habit of being ahead of the game in terms of the technology and comfort they put into their shoes, but this shoe is a bit of an admission that they might not be the case this time.

The newest Predator design will feature an as-yet unnamed upper material that closely mimics the properties of kangaroo leather while not retaining as much moisture and thereby being more durable (sound familiar?).

The ingenuity is still there though. The boot weighs in at just under 8 oz. and will also feature a cavity for use with the miCoach technology for tracking your training regimen and more. This lends some credence to the idea that the shoe will be released so close to the adiPower launch because Adidas doesn't want to miss the boat with their tech-minded customer.

The PowerSpine is gone, but where the Predator applique has been such a success, Adidas has gone and expanded on the idea for this new upper as well. The outsole closely resembles the adiPower's, but with notable differences such as the removal of the PowerSpine. Apart from that, you'll also find the studs have been modified to assist in tearing turf, a facet of the adiPower's that didn't work so well.

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