Legend II Soft Ground (Black)

Legend II Soft Ground (Black)
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Facts and Review...

A timeless classic in its own right. The Air Legend is reliable, well made, and expertly designed. The Air Legend preceded the Tiempo Legends on the market today and have done an admirable job on the pitch before and since the release of the Tiempo line.

With a comfortable Kangaroo leather upper and molded insole, the Air Legend provides exact touch and feel, leaving very little unaccounted for in the way of design.

For those that prefer a substantial boot rather than an overly stylish one, the Air Legend works wonderfully well. With more sold than just about any other shoe in Nike's line, the Air Legend proves that Nike knows exactly what players want in the best boots.

Known for performance, the soft ground offering is an excellent option when shopping for a boot to perform in the rain and wet.