Tiempo Mystic (White Black Gold)

Tiempo Mystic (White Black Gold)
Item# NIK006
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Facts and Review...

A faithful take-down of the Legend III, the Mystic is very possibly the best shoe on the market for its price range.

Made of a high quality full grain leather, it's made to keep the weather out and last you a good long time. It's got a very comfortable break-in and soft insole, so don't think luxury hasn't been taken into account just because of the price.

Very few take-downs are as exact as this one; with the exception of the Absolado in Adidas' line, not many take-downs are as inexpensive either.

The TPU outsole is an exact duplicate, with conical and bladed studs for traction and weight-dispersion. Enjoy the top quality take-down in Nike's shoe line today.

Fit: The fit on this shoe is up for debate as of now. The majority of folks who try it on in our store find it be comfortable at their true size, but some seem to find it runs a half size larger than true. To be on the safe side, I would definitely recommend buying your true size.