CTR360 Maestri (Maroon Gold)

CTR360 Maestri (Maroon Gold)
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Facts and Review...

Nike's CTR360 line is a newer one and has shown to be a great seller so far. The Maestri is the crown jewel of the line, and a shoe that competes in comfort and price with all the best shoes on the market.

With superior ball feel, control, and contour, the Maestri is a cleat for the player on the field that controls the ball the absolute most. With an instep built specifically for crisp, accurate passing, the playmakers out there will love this particular boot. The upper is made of Nike's newest creation, Kanga Lite, a semi-synthetic kangaroo leather designed to resist weather up to 20% better than the real thing. So imagine the comfort of your kangaroo with the durability of a calfskin or full grain leather.