Mercurial Miracle (World Cup)

Mercurial Miracle (World Cup)
Item# NIK035
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Facts and Review...

With style to waste, durability surpassing that of the Talaria, and price that matches that same line, the Miracle is just that, miraculous. It doesn't get any more economical, stylish, and tough than the Miracle.

With a tough but pliable Teijin synthetic (just like the Vapors), the touch is terrific. With more and more folks finding out just how terrific the Miracle is when compared to other take-downs on the market, the Miracle doesn't last very long in our store.

Can the Miracle match the Vapor for comfort? Absolutely. Can it match its lightweight design? Not quite, but it's as light as a take-down gets. How about the seamless design on the upper? Does it maintain that design? You bet it does, and it makes for one tough upper.

The outsole maintains the Tepex makeup, but only at the heel, as opposed to all over on the Vapor. It actually makes for a very comfortable fit at pace, so the Tepex pays off in that regard.

Own the best take-down on the market today, and enjoy the economy of wearing the least expensive shoe for its quality.