Mercurial Vapor VII (Orange Peel Volt Metallic Silver)

Mercurial Vapor VII (Orange Peel Volt Metallic Silver)
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Facts and Review...

So here you have it, the Mercurial Vapor VII! So what's new? The upper is thinner and lighter (but still teijin synthetic), the outsole is completely the same, the sockliner is completely the same, and there's no more lace cover. Wow! What a difference!

That's the right, the biggest difference is that this the is the smallest change to the line since the Vapor to the Vapor II. You'll find that the fit on the upper isn't quite as boxy, so just a touch more form-fitting, but aside from that, you won't be bowled over, rest assured.

It still has all the redeeming characteristics of the Vapor VI, though too, and it's $40 cheaper at retail. As far as I'm concerned, the change in price is an admission that they overshot the mark on the Vapor VI, and didn't make up enough ground on the adiZero as a result.

But don't tell anyone I told you, but the Mercurial line itself is going through an overhaul for Summer '12, and remember where you heard the news first, because as more is known, we'll have all the info you need.