USA Away Greys

USA Away Greys
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Facts and Review...

Soccer continues to become a bigger and bigger sport stateside, and the US' aspirations have never been higher than this World Cup. Beasley, Donovan, Bocanegra, etc etc., let's face it, this club doesn't have the star power of a Brazil, Italy, Germany, or others, but what they DO have is superior coaching, teaching, and team play.

Few teams know their way around a team's weaknesses than the American side. And they would have to, as they don't have the most technically sound group in the competition.

They play hard, they play smart, and their real fans follow them as ardently as any other nation around. Expect to see them play their best football since the Confederation's Cup in this particular competition.

We wish them luck, and we support them by flying the colors, all year 'round.